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Discovering Faith and Forgiveness in Mosiah 26

Mosiah 26 begins by highlighting a common issue: the rising generation not understanding or believing the traditions of their fathers. This echoes a challenge many parents face today. Despite parents living close to the gospel, their children sometimes fall away, failing to grasp the importance of practices like paying tithing, attending the temple, and keeping the Sabbath holy. As a mother, my goal is to help my kids develop their own testimonies and understand "WHY" these teachings matter.

The chapter continues by describing how those who did not believe in Christ also failed to understand the word of God, resulting in hardened hearts and a refusal to be baptized. This lack of faith led them to separate from the Church and live in a carnal and sinful state.

Alma, faced with this issue, brought the unrepentant sinners before King Mosiah, who deferred the judgment back to Alma. Troubled and unsure, Alma turned to the Lord for guidance. The Lord responded with reassurance, blessing Alma for his faith and the efforts he had made to establish the Church.

The Lord's counsel to Alma was clear: those who repent and confess their sins would be forgiven and welcomed into the Church. However, those who refused to repent would not be numbered among His people. This teaching underscores the continual effort of repentance and the mercy of the Lord, who is always willing to forgive those who sincerely seek it.

Alma's example shows the importance of seeking divine guidance in difficult situations. By including the Lord in our decisions, we can receive the wisdom needed to navigate life's challenges. The blessings of repentance and the joy of forgiveness are themes that resonate deeply in this chapter.

In our own lives, establishing spiritual patterns can help our children develop their own relationships with Jesus Christ. Here are some practical ways to strengthen the testimonies of our children and help them grow into their own:

  • Family Scripture Study: Make reading scriptures together a daily routine to create a spiritual foundation.

  • Family Prayer: Pray together every morning, night, and before meals to invite the Spirit into your home.

  • Church Attendance: Regularly attend church services to reinforce the importance of community worship.

  • Spiritual Conversations: Engage in discussions about faith during family home evenings and other informal moments.

  • Participate in Church Activities: Encourage involvement in ward activities to build connections and reinforce gospel teachings.

  • Lead by Example: Demonstrate your commitment to gospel principles through your actions and attitudes.

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage your children to express their thoughts and feelings about their beliefs and experiences.

  • Foster Personal Prayer and Study: Help your children develop their own habits of personal prayer and scripture study.

Alma's story encourages us to reflect on how we can strengthen our testimonies and help our families do the same.

Thank you for checking out this blog. I hope you find some time to listen to the podcast as well. This chapter Is inspiring, and I am sure there Is so much more we can learn from It. Until next time, may you feel the Lord’s guidance and love in all you do.

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